Melissa Christie, South Australia, Australia

I cannot thank Melinda enough.

Melinda provided me with such a nurturing, safe space that I felt fully supported, heard, and acknowledged in whatever it was I shared with her.

This allowed me to be totally vulnerable and heal what I had been resisting. Melinda provided valuable insights and knowledge and in doing so supported me in my growth.

It was a fantastic, inspiring sessions and I highly recommend Melinda to support you on your journey or whatever it is you are looking for.

Thank you so much Melinda


Lou V, Sydney, New South Wales

Thanks again for the inspiration and motivation over the past few months.

Your coaching sessions helped me to see myself, my potential and my relationships in a new light, and to develop a more satisfying appreciation of what I have and could be and do.

I look forward to checking in with you now and then to keep me on track!


Tamara Chalmers, Ocean Grove, Victoria

I have received executive coaching through a number of organisations including Harvard Business School but never has anyone delved as deeply as Melinda from Liminal Mindset Coaching.

Her knack for asking the right questions to really uncover the underlying reasons for a certain type of behaviour is uncanny.

I walked away from each session with a sense of clarity and how defining those moments in my past can really assist in paving the way for new behaviours in both my personal and professional life.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to break down barriers, reset and move into a more promising way forward.


Pamela Moorfield

I must give a huge shout out to my beautiful coach, Melinda, from whom I’ve been learning for the past several months. Melinda is an expert in providing the tools and the know-how, for women to master their mindset holistically, seamlessly integrating learnings and techniques in building and sustaining solid foundations for mind, body and soul.

Looking back, when I first reached out to Melinda, I was a scrambled mess, being tossed around by life, and had all but given up on trying to stand back up. Yet again.

I knew I was far from stupid, I knew I was far from weak, I knew I had a giant in me somewhere, but she was long lost, in some hidden cave, buried under all sorts of ugliness; and the ugliness was all I could see and feel. To me, I personified ugliness in so many of its forms.

Melinda responded to me with a heartfelt smile and just held a space for me for a while. “I’ve got you. We’ve got this. Everything is going to be ok.”

So fast forward 4 months, from Melinda giving me a hand up and teaching me how to keep my balance while walking, to now, where I have a very different lense through which I see the world and see myself. The plethora of practical tools, the step by step guidance, all backed by science, and Mel’s generous and loving heart have saved my life.

There’s no magic here, no smoke, no mirrors, no wands. Melinda’s expertise, passion and commitment to her clients, leaves room only for expansion. I’m not going to lie, undertaking this journey is the hardest work I’ve ever embarked upon, and I still trip. I’ve cried a river of tears, grieved so hard for what was lost and what never was; I’ve forgiven, let go, accepted, and created a space for the new girl in town. It’s harder to trip me up now, much harder. And it’s easier to spring back too, with yet more learnings, more growth under my belt, to take the next step and master the challenge that awaits me there.

If you’re in a rocky boat, and prepared to take an honest look at your life, to go the distance, to put in the work to rebuild, Melinda will provide everything you need to create not only the life you deserve, but a life of depth and abundance on every level, that may not even be imaginable for you right now. I cannot recommend this amazing woman and coach, highly enough.

I appreciate you enormously, Melinda. Thank you so much for all you are.


Julia Williams

To Sir - Melinda - with Love

How do you thank someone who has taken you from a trauma filled past to a bright future?

Someone that has sat with you for 8 hours straight to go through a lifetime’s worth of your most painful shit and release all the emotions, just keeping the lessons for life?

Understatement of the year: huge weight off my shoulders!

Then to tie a bow around it, she’s helped me see what the future that I CREATE WILL BE before guiding me backwards through the steps I have to take to get there. (I’ve written it as if I did it alone because that’s the way she’d want it but I know I couldn’t have done it without her.)

Time to invest in you?

PLEASE book in for a chat with her.

You’ll always be grateful you placed your future in her hands.

Liminal Mindset Coaching

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