Coaching for Transformational Change

"Change doesn't happen by chance, it happens by CHOICE?"

Liminal Mindset Coaching delivers online group programs and personalised private one on one coaching services.

The courses cover how to break free from the identity blockers that stop us from living our best lives. These also include teachings around Beliefs, Mindset, Energy and Vitality, Connection and Passion & Purpose.

All designed from more than 20 years leadership experience managing big teams and reaching high targets. The programs are designed to move you from where you are currently stuck to a place of Infinite Flow & Mindset Mastery. The programs help you to break free from negative emotions & beliefs, and create a thriving life and business with rock solid confidence.

Each quarter Melinda runs a private virtual Immersive Experience - Radiant Mastery Bootcamp - to support her private clients to go through a deep fulfilment reprogram and build the confidence to take on the world!


Liminal Mindset Coaching offers private and personalised one on one coaching. Personalised programs are developed in consultation with Melinda for 6 or 12 months.

Liminal Mindset Coaching's' exclusive inner circle 'The Infinite Coach' is an 'application only' 15 month mastermind to take your casual business to full time! Master the 8 Identity Shifts in 15 months to scale and serve at a level you could only dream about!

With tertiary qualifications in marketing and psychology, plus 20 years in higher education and non-government organisations Melinda has over a decade of personal development coaching and positive psychology expertise. Melinda is an accredited Master Coach in NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy. Melinda will work with you to create lasting change and help build your muscle to embody successful goals and experience deeper fulfilment in life.

Melinda is an accredited practitioner in EDISC, a human behaviour profiling tool designed to understand natural working styles and behavioural directions.


Melinda is trained Hypnotherapist from the Tad James Co.

Liminal Mindset Coaching

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